I’m officially open for business!

Yep, today is the day I opened my Etsy shop! You can check it out here.

There’s only 5 belts in the shop so far, but heaps more to come!




That’s just a taste of the new photos for the shop… What do you think?

Know anyone that needs an authentically handcrafted unique plaited leather belt? Send them here!

Sorry it’s been awhile but I’ve been busy plaiting. Glad I can finally sell you something though.

I’ll be back here soon with some new stockwhips I’ve finished. They’re cracking!


7 thoughts on “I’m officially open for business!

  1. Love ya work! Many years ago (about 45 years) I was mates with Campbell Badgery and he got me into plaiting belts. I started again a few years ago. Talk about stuffing the tension up! It was all over the place. Practice makes perfect and by the looks of it you have had plenty of that! Man, you belts look fantastic!
    What I am chasing is a 22 strand two tone (light tan and dark tan) belt with brass rings or a 22 strand ridge back (dark tan) with brass rings. I have turned into a bit of a fat boy in my latter years and have a 37 inch waste.
    Approximately what price am I up for and if you have to make one how long would it take?
    Keep up the great work!
    Many thanks!
    Ross Macdonald

    1. Thanks a heap Ross! I really appreciate your comments.

      It certainly is a practice makes perfect craft, the tension is pretty crucial and not easy to master. I was lucky enough to have a great mentor show me the ropes and I think that helped stacks, along with 20 odd years of practice!
      I could definitely whip up a belt to your request – 22 Strand, 37 inch waist. Both the two tone and the Ridge Back would be the same price which is $170 with the plain brass rings or $195 for the spanish laced rings.

      Normally I’d say I could plait it up for you this weekend, but I’m about to take off for a week, so I reckon I could get it in the post to you by the Easter weekend. Any Friday plaiting is a Good Friday as far I’m concerned!
      Let me know if this works for you and if so which belt you’d prefer.
      Probably best to so via my email address which is stockmanleathercraft (at) hotmail (dot) com


    2. G’day Ross,
      Have sent you a couple of emails, one with pics of different plaited two toned patterns. Not sure if you got them or not, maybe check your junk mail if not or could you let me know if you are still interested in the belt?
      Cheers mate,

      1. G’day Charlie Sorry for the delay in responding. I am still super keen for one of your two tone belts.

        Sent from my iPad Regards Ross

      2. G’day Charlie
        I was in the process of deleting files from Trash and came across the email I sent you over two years ago. Goodness knows what happened but somehow I never got round to completing this transaction.

        If at all possible I would like to re-order one of your two tone belts. I recently saw a platted belt with extremely fine leather strips about half the width of what you would normally plat a belt with. It looked absolutely spectacular. If at all possible can you source the fine leather strips. If you cant source the fine strips I am more than happy to pay for the leather and for you to send it up here so I can cut each strip down the middle then send it back to you to plat. I realise that there will be a lot more work involved and am happy to pay for the extra time and effort that will be required.

        length – waist 42inch (packed it on since retirement)
        width – about 3 cm
        buckle – two bronze rings

        If you let me know the cost I will get you the money right away.

        Many thanks

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