In the tradition of legends

The R.M.Williams Double Edge Plait Range.




The black Roo skins these belts were cut from were very thick, making a chunky durable belt. Personally selected from the tannery by the legend Richard Taubmen (master whipmaker). I believe the combination of Richards hand picked skins and the legendary R.M.Williams Trophy Buckles, create possibly the best traditional Stockmans belt ever.

This one one of 3 custom order belts I made, with these classic solid brass roller buckles that my wife brought back from London recently. The buckles were made in Italy so it’s a great coincidence that these belts are going to Italy. I guess you could say they are going home. On a Kangaroo’s back!

Just finished this custom order belt that I was truly honoured to make, as it was for a fellow plaiter in the USA. I’m blown away by the quality of the work Jackie does, so was stoked to do something special for her. Check out Jackie’s shop The Krazy Kangaroo for some incredible knot work and plaiting.

The R.M.Williams Double Edge Plait Range are all in the Etsy shop (with more photos), ready to be snapped up for Christmas.



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