American Indian Inspired Quiver


After over a year since posting, I figured it was high time for an update. Charlie is busy plaiting, he has a constant steady flow of orders from his Etsy Shop, between work and play and plaiting, there’s not much time left for blogging. So you’re stuck with me again, and I’ll do my best to fill you in accurately on the details.


Some time back, over beers and mojitos before heading to a gig, Charlie made a good old fashioned barter deal with a mate. Skulls for a Quiver. He received the skulls a year ago, and was a very happy vegemite indeed. The Quiver was finished a couple of months back, but has only last week been handed over to its rightful owner.


The quiver design took inspiration from our trip overseas last year. We visited an Indian Art Centre in California, and had our minds officially blown with the incredible workmanship we saw. A few treasured pieces were purchased including a hand carved stone broadhead which was the final detail stitched on to the Quiver.


This is the first quiver Charlie has made and it really was a labour of love. Painstaking details were added with precision and a great eye for design. Hand stitching and spanish lacing are the special details that bought the whole thing together.


The main part of the quiver and all the stitching is done with Kangaroo Leather, hand cut, bevelled and stitched by Charlie. The tassels are suede from cow hide. The feathers have all been collected over time, with traditional crow feathers used along with some baby owl feathers.

The whole thing is really stunning, even if you don’t do archery or go out into the wilderness to shoot things Robin Hood / Game of Thrones style. It’s a piece of handmade art that is both functional and beautiful. I don’t think craft gets better than, function and beauty is a wicked combo, and I reckon Charlie nailed it on this one.

Hopefully we’ll see you again soon, not so long in between posts is the plan. Stay tuned!

The Stockmans Wife… (aka Little White Dove)


4 thoughts on “American Indian Inspired Quiver

  1. Hi I bought a belt and had it sent via etsy to my friend Will Hobson in Colorado. Unfortunately it was way too small and he wss to contact you regarding getting a bigger one. Can you tell me if that has happened yet? I feel bad because I ordered it and did not see any size indicator on website. Lyn Schott

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