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charlie-the-stockmanHi I’m Charlie and I’ve been plaiting for about 30 years. I love to work with Kangaroo hide as it’s the strongest leather in the world, and I also love the fact I’m carrying on a uniquely Australian craft. Rod was a Jackaroo in the 40’s & 50’s and taught me everything he knew about the craft. He was a placid man with a great deal of patience – something you require a lot of to plait. Rod learned the craft in shearing sheds after long hot dusty days shearing and droving in the outback. I hope to one day pass this craft on again in the same manner – and keep the tradition alive.

I have a shop here am happy to take custom orders, feel free drop me a line at….. stockmanleathercraft ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com …. I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers Charlie.



14 thoughts on “About me

    1. Thanks Tom, really appreciate your feedback.

      Everything you see on my website is for sale, I’m just not quite ready to go to market with them all yet but am happy to work around that in the meantime. I will send you an email with some details so you can purchase something sooner rather than later. Really not sure how long it’s going to take me to get enough stock together to do a market – it’ll happen one day though!

      Cheers mate,


  1. Hey Tom,

    I would like to buy a belt as well. I am a jewelry designer and would like to make the double rings for the buckle. Do you make any bracelets ? I am looking to work with someone.
    Visit my website scottkay.com Cheers to you mate !

  2. Hi Charlie,
    A credit to your belts, whips and other accessories, they look like fine products! I also enjoy leather crafting and plaiting and have made my own ropes and hat bands. Im hoping to tan my own rabbit or kangaroo hide and make my own watch band the same way you make your d-ring plaited belts. Do you have any advice?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ben, really appreciate your feedback.

      Unfortunately I have never actually successfully tanned leather suitable for plaiting. I have only used wattle bark to tan a roo skin once but it turned out too tough to cut. The tanning is an art form in itself. Good luck with tanning yours, let me know how you go and what you use?

      My only other words of advice is practice practice practice 🙂 … I started off plaiting the smaller stuff to begin with and it honed my skills. Lots of watch bands before the belts and stockwhips!


  3. I have a 15 strand kangaroo belt that i need finished off on 1 end ex the late Peter Hanrahan i am in FNQ at the moment then back to Vic in Oct my mobile is 0429794251

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      I generally don’t do repair work on belts i usually make new ones.
      But i could have a look at it for you If you could send me some photos of the belt to stockmanleathercraft @hotmail.com
      so i can see if the extent of the repair required.

  4. Dear Charlie, if I need to order a belt from you what is the protocol? It would be nothing radically different from what you already do. I would be willing to pay you up front and you could take your time on it?

    1. Hi Aaron, I’d more than happy to make you up a custom belt. Here’s a link to my shop where you can design your own plaited belt, selected the plait, colour and buckle type. There are some other already made belts in my shop you might want to take a look instead. One you place your order via the shop, I can plait one up for you in the next two weeks or so. Thanks for getting in touch, Cheers Charlie.

  5. Hi Charlie. I bought my son an RM Williams plaited leather belt. It has stretched about 6 inches and I would like to have it shortened. Are you able to help ? Kind regards Deborah Pallett

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