off to market we go

Hey there! I know I’m very sporadic around here, but I wanted to drop in and let you know we are finally going to market with Stockman Leathercraft! It’s taken more time and more time and a bit more time than I had wanted, but it’s actually happening and I’m excited. After selling online for so many years I’m thrilled customers will be able to pick up a belt and handle it before purchasing.

For the next 5 Fridays we will be at the Meeniyan Square Market, starting 8 December through to 12 January (no market 29 December). It’s a brand new twilight market starting at 2pm and finishing at 8pm. There’s some fabulous looking food stalls and a winery too, so you can eat, drink, shop and be merry whilst you knock over some Christmas shopping! If you feel like a lovely drive out of Melbourne to the gorgeous rolling hills of South Gippsland then come on down and say hello. I’d love to meet you!



Bush Tucker and Inspiration

Yesterday was a very special day when I learnt from one of the best.

Ro Anderson from Whole Larder Love showed me and a bunch of others how to forage for mushrooms on the forest floor.

We identified Slippery Jacks, Saffron Milk Caps and Blewit mushrooms.

I got to use my favourite old Buck Knife to pluck the mushrooms, whilst walking many miles listening to Ro. It was fascinating and inspiring hearing his stories on self sufficiency, hunting, fishing and gardening, not to mention his wealth of knowledge on mushrooming.

After collecting baskets full of mushrooms, Ro performed his magic and prepared a heavenly feast in the tranquil woodland setting.

Combining butter, Ro’s own olive oil, homegrown herbs and garlic, pimentón, homemade chorizo, homemade 12 day cured bacon and a dollop of mascarpone cheese, the mushrooms were divine.  I was in heaven with every mouthful.

We toasted turkish bread rolls over the campfire, and were served the mushroom culinary delight on the rolls. It truly was the tastiest bush tucker I’ve ever had.

We finished our feast with some slow cooked lamb leg which melted in your mouth. It was served in a roll with fresh picked rocket from Ro’s garden, local cheese, onions and chilli sauce. It was a party for the taste buds, the flavours were awesome. I rolled out of that forest completely satisfied.

After the day in the forest I’m inspired to create some awesome belts and accessories for fathers day presents, celebrating the the Aussie Bushman.

Cheers to Ro, you’re such a fungi!