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Everything you see on this blog will be there eventually! If there’s a belt or stockwhip you are interested in, but it’s not in the shop yet, feel free to email me and I’ll make sure it’s in shop as fast as you can crack a whip! Well, maybe not that fast but I’ll do my best.

Cheers Charlie.


7 thoughts on “Shop

  1. charlie
    i had a belt Kangaroo belt stolen in a change room recently given to me by cdear friend.I think it was about 10-11cm thick plait with semi circle brass buckell ….do u make this ? please let me know if u do and price . my name is nikki my email address thanks charlie

  2. Charlie
    Fantastic belts blistering good

    Do you give lessons in belt plating I can plait but just cannot get the finishing right eg tucking in when you turn over to plait the rings in . Also my belts are pretty stretchy. I did not know about beveling until I saw you belts, mine look a bit lumpy. Self taught. I am going to make some (hopefully) for christmass presents etc.


    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your nice feedback.
      I wish i could say i have a market stall where i would be able to show you & give you tips on plaiting, or if I was even in the position to run some workshops. Maybe one day, but for now I work full time, only finding time on weekends & some nights to plait (occupational therapy).
      The book by RM Williams called The Bushman’s handcrafts is full of great info and some step by step guides for plaits/knots. Worthwhile getting your hands on a copy if you can, you’d definitely pick up a lot from it.

      Keeping the tension tight on your belts whist plaiting & not stopping from start to finish will help with stretchy belts. Bevelling the edges does make the plaiting sit flat. It really is a craft that just takes a lot of time to master, I’ve been plaiting for about 30 years now and when I look back on the belts I made in the first 5 years or so I can see how much I’ve improved.

      Practice, Perseverance & Patients will make a good plaiter. Best of luck mate, keep on it and don’t give up.

  3. I would love you to make me a belt with edge ridges and a middle ridge. I have had one for 25 years that is worn out and I think has 32 or 36 strands. It was made by David Wilson from Ryleston/ Mudgee and is a work of art. Happy to pay for it and to send pictures. All the best Rob

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for your enquiry,
      Always nice to hear that these belts last so long.
      I would be more than happy to make you a plaited belt.
      If you could send me some photos and waist size to ‘stockmanleathercraft @ Hotmail . com’ it would be great. Then I can get your email address and we can work out the details. I’m not sure if you are after 3 ridges or 1 ridge and Spanish lace edging, a photo should clarify this. Once I can work out the plaiting requirements I can provide you with a quote.
      Cheers ,

  4. Received my sliding adjustable key ring today thank you so much the craftsmanship quality right down to the packaging is fantastic I will definitely be telling my friends
    Thank you

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